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For New Employees: How to Stand Out & Shine in Your New Job

Beyond the first 7 seconds…

or…there’s more to success in the workplace than a fabulous resume.

What happens once you have the job? This workshop focuses on identifying what qualities employers are looking for in new hires, how to be the best you can be – particularly in the first three months, and offers strategies and techniques to help you shine both as a person and as an employee.*

Topics may include:

  • the 11 attributes of a true professional
  • dressing for success
  • spatial and time communication
  • accountability and blame
  • what your personal things say about you
  • time management
  • how is your attitude?
  • conflict styles
  • body language
  • learning to fail well
  • self-awareness

*This workshop is based on the topics of my new book:

www.communicationdiva.comBook this Vancouver communication workshop here.