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Beyond the Paperwork: A Workshop About Death and Grief for the Health Care Provider

Death and grief are not talked about much in North American culture.

We spend more time ignoring it, avoiding it, or hurrying past it to “get on with things.”

For health care providers, dying people, death itself, and grieving loved ones are part of the work. Learning what to say, how to respond, and how our own experiences of loss, death and grief can affect how we relate to others, can build confidence and equip health care providers with the skills to respond in compassionate and appropriate ways.

Topics may include:

  • the many faces of grief
  • interactive loss exercise
  • losses that don’t involve death
  • what dying people want/need
  • what grieving people want/need
  • how personal experience affects your professional response
  • what never to say to a grieving person
  • what is helpful to say and do
  • avoiding burnout and cumulative post traumatic stress disorder
  • self-care strategies


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