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Do You Manage Your Career Daily?

No? Most people don’t.

And you should…if you want to advance your career.

Join me in this episode that takes place during a wild wind storm on the very day we found out that Canadian legend Gord Downie died. I talk about both.

In it, I share 9 ways you can take charge of where your career is going, set some goals and be proactive about where it is you end up.

Advance Your Career

You can sit around dreaming, or you can roll up those proverbial sleeves and get busy. Here are the 9 main points that I expand upon:

  • Figure out where you’re at
  • Find out what others think of your performance
  • Create a plan
  • Set some goals
  • Share it.
  • Take action!
  • Network
  • Spiff up your online profiles as you go.
  • Look after yourself.


Join the Conversation

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Until next time…go get busy!

~ Jenn




Resign with Class and Dignity

So before you decide to resign at all…here are some things to think about. Are you sure? Are you really, really sure? Do you have another job “in the bag” as it were? Do you have that letter of acceptance and a start date and some kind of written contract or agreement that you have the new job before you resign from the current one? Make sure your timing is good, or you might find yourself with no jobs.

If you want to resign and don’t have anything lined up, are you able to live that way? Do you have resources and does your partner/spouse/family know?

Make sure your ducks are in a row and that you are calm and not emotional when you make the decision to actually resign. Doing this out of anger or any other negative emotion might be a bad decision.

Take a Listen

Join me as I share steps to take before, during and after you resign. I also share a resignation letter sample and offer suggestions to how you can make the transition more smooth for everyone.

Any other ideas?

Jump onto a Speakpipe call or leave a comment below with other ideas or suggestions about resigning or quitting your job.


If you or someone you love it thinking of a career move or needs to get ready for a job interview, check out our course HERE. It’s only open for registration until Oct 15th, 2017, so jump in now.

Until next time,

~ Jenn




Career vs. Relationship?

Life is busy. Stress abounds. Work is no longer the 9-5 it used to be. How can you put your all into your career and still have some left for your personal relationship?

Join me as my guest, Jürgen Schmechel and I explore topics such as these:

  • intentional time
  • relationship boredom
  • active appointments
  • the 3 relationship pillars
  • disconnecting to reconnect
  • the love cycle
  • being in charge of your life
  • much more!

Who is Jürgen?

Jürgen Schmechel, was born 1960 in Hamburg, Germany as the second son to his parents. He lived, studied, worked and married in Hamburg –  to then be raising two sons himself. In 2004 his family moved to Australia to learn and live in a different culture. Jürgen is a keen observer of human psychology, he is a master in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis and a certified Results Coach.

Over the past 24 years Jürgen realised that he and his wife are doing things differently in their marriage from others. Some of their behaviour was conscious, some more on the unconscious level. And with more and more relationships all around the world deteriorating, Jürgen decided to bring his wisdom and coaching to the people. He started his Inspiring Relationships only in January 2017, but already had so many discussions and sessions with people searching him out for advice and guidance.

His mission is to inspire thousands of men yearly to stay in loving, respectful relationships. Which has a ripple on effect to their Children and the World.

Where to Reach Jürgen

(website) www.inspiring-relationships.com.au

(Facebook) InspiringRelationshipsAU

(Facebook Group) https://www.facebook.com/groups/InspiringRelationships/

I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you’d like to enter our contest that is only on until Oct 9th, 2017 at 5pm PST, click HERE.

Until Next time,





Maintaining Perspective

We’ve all felt stressed at work at some point or another…which is sad, but true. We spend so much time at our jobs that work should be a place we enjoy going. Unfortunately, sometimes deadlines or a difficult colleague can be too much to handle. Fortunately, whether it’s engaging in exercise or following guided meditations, like consultancy firm, Sage, are providing, there are ways to make even the most stressful days more manageable.

The Dangers of Stress

Feeling easily distracted…losing focus…easily upset…these are just some of the better-known symptoms of stress. Worse still, if these symptoms develop, they can lead to long-term health problems: back pain and spiking blood pressure to name just two…and that’s not to mention mental health problems, including clinical depression.
Whether you’re experiencing acute or chronic stress, none of it is good for you. Fortunately, there are ways to relax yourself and to start enjoying the workplace again!


Mindfulness is a specific type of meditation where you find a quiet space and concentrate on yourself and the present moment. Think about what’s going on around you and how everything is affecting you. When your boss asked you to stay late tonight, how did it make you feel? How can you change your reaction in the future?
Meditation can be anything from taking a few minutes to get some perspective, to following guided programs to explore your inner-self. Whichever you choose, just 15-minutes-a-day can be enough to improve your immune system, kick-start your concentration, and motivate you to multi-task.


As stress is the result of chemical reactions in your body, one great way to fight back is to fill your body with adrenaline. Going for a run or to the gym is an excellent way to let off some steam, but even better, exercise with your colleagues. This doesn’t just make you feel better…it develops your bond with your colleagues…making them much more likely to work better with you in the future.


Or, why not combine both methods and enroll in yoga? Yoga not only gives you a space to exercise, but to take some time to remove your mind from work and focus entirely on yourself.

Stress comes to us all, but we should be able to take some time to ourselves to refocus our priorities so we can not only return to our best at work…but enjoy it, too!

Until next time, stay well.
~ Jenn





I’ve talked a lot about goal setting and the importance of setting goals. I actually was doing a lunch and learn recently about goals and I continue to be amazed at how so few people actually practice setting tangible goals…so few write goals down and make them real. A room of 45 people or so and maybe 2-3 raised hands when I asked. Clearly, it’s something people could use some coaching in…the goal setting itself.

If you are in the category of having never done it, or haven’t done it in a long time, check out podcast episodes 79, 100, 114, 142 and 143…all of which talk about setting goals.

7 Mistakes That Will Derail Your Goals

In this episode, I talk about  7 mistakes that often appear when you decide to do something…when you set a goal. Whether it’s a career goal, a personal goal, a dietary or financial goal…a relationship goal…whatever it is…these seven things are some of the mistakes that get made that end up derailing the goal so it doesn’t happen…which is sad!

Join me in walking through these 7 mistakes that will derail your goals and learn  how you can avoid or counteract making them so that you SUCCEED in reaching your goals and maybe even your dreams.

If you would like to help me reach my goals so that I can continue to create great content, please consider becoming a patron of Communication Diva. Check out my Patreon page HERE!

Until next time,




What is Overwhelm?

Overwhelm is that feeling you have when you just want to get off the spinning world for a while…when there is too much to do and you don’t want to do any of it…when it’s too much that it paralyzes you and you spend time procrastinating because there is too much to do that you don’t know where to start.

Have you ever experienced this?

You can experience overwhelm when:

  • your work life and your home life are too full
  • when you feel the pressure to perform
  • when you are a perfectionist and things are not going perfectly
  • when you set your own super high expectations and then have trouble living up to them
  • when you are a control freak (and lots of us are) and you feel like you are losing control
  • when you have to learn a TON of new stuff and you feel like your brain is full and you can’t retain one more tidbit of information or your brain will explode
  • when you are running out of energy for things that require energy
  • when you are full of worry and anxiety
  • when you are fed up.

Any or all of these things can be signs of overwhelm and it’s very, very common.


Life is stressful sometimes, and even the most together person…or rather the person who appears to be the most together on the outside…can be suffering from overwhelm.

And overwhelm is not limited to adults. Children and teenagers suffer from it too, especially when they are very programmed with activities and lessons and school work and are going from one activity to the next to the next.

So what can you do if you think you are experiencing overwhelm?

I’m going to suggest an activity. This is something I actually want you to do with me…so if you need to stop and start this as you do it, that’s ok. It might take you an hour. It might take you less, depending on how much you are overwhelmed with….but this is a practical, hands-on activity that I have created to get you FAST from overwhelm to organized.

I don’t have a name for it yet, so if you have a suggestion as to what I should call this, let me know…I’m actually planning to make this activity a free course offering in my online school…so any suggestions or ideas you have once you’ve been through it will be welcome…but at any rate, here is my activity designed just for you, dear Communication Diva listener.

Tune in, take a listen and let me know what you think.

Until next time,

~ Jenn