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100 CDP: You Got This! How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Get on to Reaching Your Goals

You Got This! Finally! Episode 100 is Launched!

It’s taken a year and a half, but with everything that has happened, something had to give. Here is episode 100 in which (yes, rather ironically), I talk about how “you got this!” and what I have been doing since the last episode and  I share 7 excuses that might be preventing you from reaching your goals.
These 7 things have held me back at times, and I talk about how to recognize the excuses for what they are, how to trust in yourself and how just starting…now… will get you from dreaming about something to making it a reality.

Things mentioned in this episode:


You Got This!

Inspiration comes from sometimes unexpected places…and I have been inspired by lots of people who might not even realize they have been key influencers. I think listening, finally, was what got me going again. I hope you find some inspiration out there too.

Thanks for listening and for SHARING this milestone episode, I truly am grateful.

~ Jenn



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