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Marriage Preparation: A Communications Workshop for Couples

www.marriageworkscanada.comMarriage Preparation Workshops

What MarriageWorks is:
A chance to ponder questions and ideas about what it means to enter into faithful life partnership with one another, in a safe and supportive atmosphere A time to share values and beliefs with your partner, to talk about expectations around marriage, and to explore a variety of  topics around communicating, growing, learning and loving together.
Who it is For:
This workshop is for couples of any description about to engage in marriage.
What it’s Not:
It is not group therapy or counseling, or (intentional) religious conversion! The aim is for honest exploration and conversation of what it takes to make a marriage work, and to provide resources and support for couples as they embark upon this life journey. While there will be time for group discussion, sensitive and personal topics will be shared/discussed only between partners.

Upcoming live weekend workshops:

Two Upcoming weekend options: Nov 18, 19th 2016 and March 24, 25th 2017 at Trinity United Church, 2211 Prairie Avenue,  Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Classes run Friday Eve and all day Saturday. To register, call the office at Trinity UC at 604-942-0022 or email Jenn here.

NEW! Online MarriageWorks Self-Paced Workshop:

Click HERE for details.

 What past participants are saying:

“I would definitely recommend this course, to  any couples that are  planning to be married. It allowed us to discuss values, what was important to us, and our current and future goals. Some of the topics that were covered are areas that we didn’t think about yet. The one section that we both appreciated was the importance of self-care. We both have such busy lives that this tends to  be forgotten.  We are now planning  to make time for this throughout our lives.”
     – Justin and Carol
“The Marriageworks course was a great experience for both of us. Jenn is a great facilitator and we appreciated the diversity of topics discussed and that we could delve as deeply as needed into certain issues that were relevant to us. The topics discussed gave us a lot to talk and think about as we begin our life together and some neat key points and ideas that will stick with us. The course would be relevant for couples from all backgrounds and stages of life, we highly recommend it!”
– Leslie & Josh
“Jenn’s marriage workshop was great at helping us to identify the important components of marriage. We were able to learn how to effectively communicate through topics such as finance, families, etc. while understanding where our partner stands on each topic. This was a great workshop to chat with other couples to learn from them. I highly recommend this workshop to couples!”
– Cindi & Christoph

carol and justin“Hi Jenn,
We did it. We married on October 19, 2013. I want to  thank you again for the workshop. If we have a reunion just let us know!
Have a great day.”
  – Carol and Justin

“Hi Jenn,
Jeffrey and I attended your marriage workshop on Feb 1st, we’ve since had our wedding! I wanted to say that we really enjoyed your workshop, it was fun. Jeff and I found the time together during your workshop, very relaxing, and a great opportunity to connect and re-connect on different topics of discussion. I think you have a wonderful program and will refer people to you when I get the chance. Thank you.”
-Emily & Jeffrey
A lot of self-exploration followed by partner discussion. We learned a lot. It was a great workshop.
-Joanne & Kevin


The course has a range of questions designed to promote communication and conversation between partners.  It has been great to reflect with my partner and reaffirm what we already knew about one another.


~ Karin & Marco (with Rev. Kimiko Karpoff at their ceremony)