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In this podcast episode, I ask Caterina to explain what a Reiki session is like, and how it can help people to alleviate stress, especially in the workplace. People are more and more stressed with the demands placed upon them through longer working hours, more activities and expectations, long commutes and challenging relationships.Caterina’s focus is to help calm people down and find relaxation in the midst of the hectic day.
I met Cat in a coaching training course a couple of summers ago, and have been in touch ever since. Aside from being a tremendous people-person, Caterina is also a fantastic cook, and is passionate about helping others. This passion comes through in all that she does, and I am delighted to share her with you today.
Caterina Barregar of Imagine Life Coaching is an intuitive Reiki Master, Relationship Coach and Connector.
Caterina works with men and women who are successful and who have issues with self worth.

Caterina says:

There are times when our bodies try to communicate with us and we just don’t hear it, or we choose to ignore it.  Physical pain is what happens when emotional pain is not being addressed.” 


In Reiki and relationship coaching it’s about getting the emotional to communicate with the physical so that we can heal both and move forward.
Life can change in an instant and when we are able to communicate what we want and need out of life, magic happens.

Where to Find Caterina

Corporate Clients:

Private Clients:

Imagine Life Coaching

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I continue to appreciate you and the time you take out of your hectic life to join me here. My passion is to introduce you to fascinating people who are busy helping others in their own unique ways….to explore topics around communication…and to help you be the BEST  you  you can be.

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Welcome to the CommunicationDiva Podcast. I’m Jenn Swanson and if this is your first time listening or visiting this site, I’m glad you are here!

If this is not your first time, thank you for coming back to spend time with me…I appreciate it very much.

I’ve Been Stinkin’ Busy…

If you have been wondering what happened that I haven’t put out a podcast for a while, it’s just been an overwhelming few months. I had an enormous project to complete and present for the university degree I’m working on…(which went very well, I must say) and then finishing up with my students at the college I teach at, and then of course, in my other job, I’m a United Church ministry student doing a solo internship in a small congregation, and Christmas is, as you can imagine,  a super-busy time with all sorts of services to prepare for and lead, and such. It’s definitely not been a restful time, and something had to give.

But, I’m Baaaack!

I am very happy to be back with you, and hope the next time won’t be so far in between. I have one last semester to get through as far as my own schooling goes, and then a very longtime in coming goal will have been met.

It feels good to be almost done something that about 7 years ago was just a dream…going to university and completing a Master’s Degree. Of course, with raising a family and working full time between two jobs…going to school very part time is not easy. It means a long, slow road and a lot of late nights of studying and writing papers. But it feels good to be coming into the final stretch…and it will feel really good to have accomplished something big.


Your Goals?

If you have something that you’ve been working on for a long time, I’d love to hear about it. Send me an email or drop me a note on FB or through Speakpipe, and let me know what the goal is or what you have completed,..or how far along you are toward meeting it if you are still on that road.

Pinch-Crunch, an embarrassing story and how to simplify for 2014.

In this podcast,  I talk a little about the pinch crunch theory. You probably have heard of this before. It was developed in the 1970′s by Jack Sherwood and John Glidewell, and there have since been many iterations of it…many different explanations that you can find.

I also tell you a bit of an embarrassing story,one in which I did NOT use the pinch-crunch model well and failed miserably…

and then I talk about my desire to simplify life in 2014. (Note: This last thing is pretty much still a idea if it’s possible…but still. I’d love to try. Wouldn’t you?)

That’s all for now…

So, I hope you enjoy this episode, and ask you to share it if you would.

I wish you all the best for a successful, blessed, abundant, fruitful and fulfilling 2014…where you might listen more closely, speak more from the heart, and connect more deeply with those you love.

Until  next time….peace to you,



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