www.communicationdiva.comAccent Addition? Is it math?

Nope…it isn’t.
I love the positive spin that Shelley-Anne Vidal puts on helping skilled immigrants communicate more effectively.
Instead of “getting rid” of a foreign accent, she helps her clients add an accent…a Canadian one!
Her work with doctors and lawyers and accountants and nurses and people from all over the world who have come here to make a new start, enables them to build confidence, self-esteem and to feel more comfortable in their search for employment in this country.

Her Energy is Catchy!

If you meet her, you will get a sense of her energy and her enthusiasm for what she does in the first few minutes you spend with her. I can only imagine that her students have a lot of fun in her workshops as they learn how to move their lips and tongues into shapes that feel weird to them, but help to say the English words more clearly and confidently.

Who is Shelley-Anne?

Shelley-Anne Vidal, the President and Founder of ACT by Vidal, is passionate about helping newcomers reach their full career potential. She sees the importance of creating inclusive communities by assisting newcomers enhance their communication skills through Accent Addition Training. In addition, ACT by Vidal allows her to marry her passions for teaching, communications and helping newcomers.
Shelley comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so she is happy to follow in the footsteps of her late grandfather, Julian Vidal.

Although she was born and raised in British Columbia, her parents are from the Caribbean, so she grew up hearing foreign accents. Therefore, Shelley has always had a sincere compassion and respect for the journey that new immigrants face; and she is excited to help newcomers settle into BC’s workforce.
Shelley’s career path has given her over a decade of combined experience as a Business Professional, Communications Specialist, Career Practitioner, Educator, Facilitator and Curriculum Developer.

Over the past 5 years, she has worked to guide International Professionals and Post-Secondary students, youth and the Aboriginal community by facilitating interactive and engaging workshops. However, while working as an Employment Counselor, Shelley noticed a common theme among some clients who had difficulty obtaining suitable employment. Although many of the newcomers were highly educated professionals with years of practical experience, they all had foreign accents and often found difficulty landing employment that was commensurate with their qualifications. Many of the highly educated internationally trained professional were working in entry level positions and were extremely frustrated. The underemployed newcomers had an exceptionally difficult time advancing in their careers, which only added to their frustration.
Shelley quickly recognized that poor oral communication (often caused by a foreign accent) was a common employment barrier.

As a result, Ms. Vidal has identified a serious need for Accent Addition training, so ACT by Vidal concentrates on adding Canadian accents to our participants’ repertoire through “Accent Addition” training.
Shelley firmly believes in her company motto: EMPOWER, INSPIRE and MOTIVATE others to reach their full potential through clear communication.

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