www.communicationdiva.comWhy Learning to Fail is Critically Important

Many of us are well- protected from failing when we are very young. Not that we don’t actually fail…of course we do! But being able to fail in situations where we are given the opportunity to then learn what to do next…well…those don’t happen often.

From a tiny age, we are ALL given a prize at the birthday party.

At Sports Day events, everyone gets a participation trophy.

We are exceedingly obsessed with making things “fair”.

And then we learn the reality that life just ain’t fair. Period.

My question is…who ever thought it was going to be?

Instead of focusing on how to be resilient, resourceful and creative in the face of failure…we somehow try to shield ourselves from it…and in the end, do no one any favours.

This is one reason why I think individual and team sports are good teachers…to a

We ALL experience failure, let-down, loss and disappointment in all sorts of spheres of life, and the BEST gift we can give ourselves and our children is the skill-set needed to pick up, dust off, and start again.

In this podcast episode, I speak with Lynn Oucharek about:


-about learning to fail well

-about how to to go about doing that

-and about the fear around failure that so many of us carry

-what steps you can take RIGHT NOW!

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