communication, career, work, jobHave you ever been embarrassed by something you said because it came out all wrong? Has anyone ever asked you why you said something the way you did?

Communication skills…we all have them, and the reality is: most of us could use a little practice. Communication skills are like muscles…they need to be exercised and toned up regularly, especially in the workplace. I can help get you into shape.                             

Through live workshops, speaking events, individual coaching, and a podcast, I encourage you to take the next step to get the job, love your work or advance your career.

What Others are Saying:

Great presentation! Jennifer has the gift to attract the audience and guide them through her presentation with ease and a sense of humour. The topic was enlightening,  informative and opened the door for all of us to be mindful and sensible when communicating with different generations. She reminded us to  stop and take a moment to see the world through other perspectives. It was an invitation to pause , reflect  and try to understand others and  their specific circumstances. I would have listened to her all day.

~ Michaela T., Education Chair,  MOAA Vancouver 

I met Jennifer at the SFU Employment Dialogues in May 2015, where she was one of the featured guest speakers. I was immediately impressed by her charismatic facilitation style and exuberant energy, which was well received by the youth attendees, prompting offers for other guest speaker opportunities. The SFU event was also her official launch of her book What They See: How to Stand Out and Shine in Your New Job, where several WorkBC Employment Services Centre representatives purchased Jennifer’s book for use in their Resource Centres to support youth in finding and maintaining employment.

Since our initial introduction, Jennifer & I have collaborated on several youth focused initiatives through the WorkBC Centre in Cloverdale. Jennifer facilitated 9 Things you Need to Know to Get and Keep a Job, a workshop derived from the first chapter of her book. This led to a recurring invitation to facilitate the introduction to our popular Rock that Interview, a youth focused interview skills workshop hosted in collaboration with the Surrey Libraries. Jennifer’s high energy introduction – a quick summary of her 9 Things you Need to Know to Get and Keep a Job – sets the tone to the Rock that Interview workshops, and leaves a positive lasting impression with the youth attendees. They are even more excited to receive a signed copy of her book after meeting the author!

The Rock that Interview workshop is hosted quarterly and has been replicated in other Surrey Libraries, with Jennifer as the featured speaker. A couple of high school Career Counsellors from Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary & Elgin Secondary attended our last workshop, specifically to hear Jennifer’s introduction, with the intention of inviting her to present at their respective high schools. The word is getting out!

Jennifer’s genuine passion to help youth shine in the workplace, along with her dedication to craft as a gifted facilitator is getting noticed, and I couldn’t be happier for her! I am looking forward to our collaborations in the future and impacting youth positively to get and keep jobs. Thank you Jennifer for your wonderful contributions to the youth in our community.

~Stephanie Pritchard, Community Engagement Coordinator, WorkBC  Employment Services Centre – Cloverdale, BC


Jennifer Swanson’s presentation “9 Things You Need to Know to Get and Keep a Jobis very timely for Grade 10 students. The tips and demonstrations she provides help to prepare students to enter into a competitive job market. The presentation is both engaging and informative. Among many useful topics, Jennifer discusses interview etiquette, opportunities for practice, qualities employers are looking for, probation periods, body language, and resumes and cover letters.”

~ Sylvie Dufort, Educator, Planning 10, Brookswood Secondary School


Thank you for presenting “The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon – How to Listen Beyond Words” to the Pacific Self Employment Program. The activities were impactful in showing us how effective we actually are at listening, and the tips shared are great reminders of how to increase this essential skill. The information about inter-generational communication was also very helpful. As business owners every conversation with a client or a prospect has the potential to make a difference in our financial success. Your invitation to be mindful in our communication practice was most encouraging.  

~ Lynne Brisdon, PCC, CBC, Business Coach, Program Lead, Pacific Self Employment Program, Pacific Community Resources Society


My experience with the Communication Diva… Jenn is a true professional who has a natural ability to make her guests feel comfortable and right at home in her studio. She is naturally skilled at building a comfortable rapport with her guest so they can feel relaxed and ready to share their experience. In addition, Jenn has a great sense of humour and she enjoys making her guest laugh both on and off the microphone.  

~ Shelley-Anne Vidal (BA, CDP, PID) President & Founder www.actbyvidal.com


I feel more confident now as I look for work after finishing my degree. I can be sure the image I am projecting is professional, and that I’m not undermining myself by inadvertently sending unhelpful non-verbal messages. I appreciate the direct approach of this book.

~Nadine Sands, (Amazon review of “What They see”)