www.communicationdiva.comIt only takes an idea…

Sometimes, an idea that comes when you are least expecting it, leads to adventures, all sorts of learning, and to new and exciting adventures. That’s what happened to these three.

After an audition one day, Michelle Bardach, Kayla Heyblom and Katie Purych, were feeling discouraged. They were having a chat over a cup of something hot, and talked about how nice it would be to simply put on a show of their own.

  One month later…

the recent theatre grads put words to paper, registered a company, and set about researching everything they could about how to produce a musical. Not bad for a group of 20-somethings!

“We wanted to create opportunity”


They wanted to give theatre graduates,  including themselves, an extra opportunity to be included in a production, to put their hard work at school to use, and to give those who hadn’t broken though yet the chance to shine.


“We wanted to do something different.”

They also wanted to produce a show that wasn’t as well known, something Vancouver had never seen before, something new, and youthful, and provocative.

And so, Springboard Theatre Productions came into being.

In this interview, I talk to two of the three dreamers about how they went from an idea over coffee to being in charge of a cast and crew of 50 plus people, and about to launch a full-scale musical complete with orchestra and more. Michelle Bardach was unable to be interviewed (she was on-stage at the time in another production) and so I bring to you the wise words, passion and excitement of the other two producers: Kayla Heyblom and Katie Purych.

(Oh ya, and Katie is my brilliant daughter. Just saying.)

 Left to Right Below:

                   Michelle Bardach,          Kayla Heyblom,                 Katie Purych Kayla Heyblom Katie PurychMichelle

Michelle Bardach grew up in Surrey, where she was immersed in the arts from a very young age, taking singing, acting and dance lessons, auditioning for TV and film, and performing in choirs, recitals and shows. From age 13 to 18, Michelle attended Langley Fine Arts School as a Drama Major, a secondary school dedicated to the arts, in which students choose a “major” and their class schedule is created to reflect that major. During this time, Michelle became a member of the Youth Arts Council of Surrey, a group supported by the Surrey Arts Council. This group was put together to foster and promote the arts in the youth of Surrey, to create events and promotions, to nurture and grow the talent in the artists of tomorrow.

In 2009, Michelle enrolled in the three year Musical Theatre Diploma Program at Capilano University. She graduated with honours in the spring of 2012, and has been working in Vancouver’s musical theatre community since. Credits include Kate McGowan in Titanic: A New Musical (Theatre Under the Stars), Star-To-Be in Annie! the Musical (Royal City Musical Theatre), Irene Molloy in Hello, Dolly! (Exit 22), and Sister Sophia in The Sound of Music (Gateway Theatre).

 As of 2013, Michelle began teaching musical theatre to children with StageCoach Theatre Arts, Norgate Elementary School, and the Richmond Art Centre. She also started a small event entertainment company, The Red Velvet Voices. She continues to audition for musical theatre, as well as television and film. This year, she will be performing in Chemainus as Eponine in their summer run of Les Miserables.


Kayla Heyblom is originally from Acme, Alberta, a small town of only 700 people, where she directed, choreographed, and starred in her own shows throughout high school. Feeling inspired by theatre, she moved to Vancouver to attend the Musical Theatre Diploma Program at Capilano University. She has now been graduated for 2 years and she is very excited to be taking on this project with her co-producers.

Recent credits include: Riverview High the Musical (ENTRANCE THEATRE), Mother Goose Panto (METRO THEATRE), Sideshow in concert (Fighting Chance Productions), Titanic (Theatre Under the Stars), and Hello, Dolly! (EXIT 22), and her dream role of Grizabella in CATS (URP).

 She loves all angles of theatre! Whether it be teaching (she has been teaching Musical Theatre to children for almost a year with Stage Coach Theatre Arts) performing, and now producing!


Katie made her first appearance on stage at age 3 in a tutu. She waved at her mom, took off her shoe, and then cried.

She has loved performing ever since.

Katie grew up in Langley, and is a graduate of Capilano University’s Musical Theatre program. She has appeared in various productions all over Vancouver.

Recent credits include: Vixens of Wonderland (CVP), Annie (RCMT), Shrek the Musical (Align Entertainment), Riverview High (Entrance Theatre), Titanic (TUTS), Bare: a Pop Opera (FCP), Hello Dolly!, Cinderella (Exit 22).

Katie is thrilled to be on this amazing producing adventure with her friends, and to be working with such an incredible production team!


The Show

Darling, A Musical is a musical fresh from New York, written in 2009 by Ryan Scott Oliver and Brett Ryback, two graduates from music composition bachelor programs. The show is loosely based on Peter Pan and has never been performed in Canada before.

 Darling follows upper crust teenager Ursula Morgan in 1929 Boston as its society boils in the weeks before the Stock Market Crash. Neglected by her excessive, self-absorbed parents, Ursula encounters Peter, a charming rent-boy of uncertain age, on the run from Captain Rose of the Police. When she is offered the opportunity to run away with him, she takes it and finds herself swept into a seedy underground of jazz, speakeasies, and a mysterious white powder called Fairy Dust. Along the way, they also meet the “lost boys” of the Warehouse speakeasy, Stella the jealous barkeep, and the girls of Lily’s burlesque. Darling is fresh, emotional, and daring new musical theatre at its finest.

 Directed and choreographed by Dawn Ewen and music direction by Steven Greenfield

 Runs October 8-18th, 2014 at Renegade Production Studios (125 East 2nd Ave), Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tickets range from $20-25 dollars. Click HERE to get yours!


Facebook page:

How to help these young and talented women realize this dream!

Funding a full-on, brand-new stage production takes HOURS of volunteer time, piles of paperwork, and yes, quite a lot of money. If you would like to help this positive, productive endeavour…please visit the Indiegogo page. Click here.


What did I learn from interviewing these two producers?

I learned that I can make two seasoned actors (one of which I have known since birth) nervous, just by having them sit in front of my new fancy microphones!

I learned that it takes a TON of communication and organization to pull something like this off.

I learned that there are dozens and dozens of people willing to help, if you just ask.

I learned that an idea is just an idea, until you take a leap of faith, trust in yourself and those around you, are persistent and flexible, and decide to make it happen.


thanks for listening,



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